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2014 Kia Sorento
2014 Kia Sorento

Updated and re-engineered for a smoother ride.  Kia Sorento benefits from a major update for the 2014 model year.  Technically, the 2014 Sorento represents a mid-cycle freshening; ... More »

2014 Kia Forte
2014 Kia Forte

All-new, bigger and better compact.  Kia Forte is all-new for 2014.  The 2014 Kia Forte was launched as a four-door sedan, while the 2014 Forte 5-Door hatchback joins the lineup la... More »

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Translogic 161: Detroit Bike Culture Explored

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Americans Could Waste $2.8 Trillion Being Stuck In Traffic By 2030

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Toyota Recalling 1.67 Million Vehicles Worldwide

Toyota is issuing three separate recalls covering 1.67 million vehicles worldwide with most of those models in Japan. 

$2.4 Million Supercar Vandalized In Seattle

There are no shortage of phallus jokes one can make about a car and its owners, but no amount of jesting makes spray painting an actual penis on a car okay. 

Gas Price Average Drops To Lowest Level For 2014

AAA's predictions of cheap gas for the coming fall season are already being realized. 

Seattle Ranked Safest City In America For Pedestrians

A recent study by Liberty Mutual Insurance found Seattle to be the safest city in America for pedestrians. 

Fleeing Suspects Throw Chainsaws At Police During Chase

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Is Today's Honda Accord Cheaper Than It Was Back In 1989?

Whether you're shopping at the grocery story or on a car lot, everything seems to be getting more expensive these days. 

New '#X' Anti-Texting While Driving Campaign Picks Up Speed

If you encounter a '#X' followed by silence during a text conversation today you might think the other person fell asleep on their phone, but they're actually letting you know that... 

Risk Of Cyber Threats Increase As Cars Add Active Controls

Features in many new cars that are widely seen as the first steps toward a self-driving future may also making cars more susceptible to cyber crime, according to a recent... 

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